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What is Ferinject?

Why have you been prescribed Ferinject?

Your doctor has prescribed you Ferinject  as they believe it to be an appropriate treatment for you.

Ferinject is an iron preparation used to increase the amount of iron in your body. Increasing the iron in your body is intended to reverse anaemia or prevent you from becoming anaemic.

Ferinject is an intravenous iron treatment. It is given to people when other types of iron supplementation treatments, such as oral iron, are ineffective or cannot be used.

How does Ferinject work?

Ferinject is given as an injection or infusion directly into your blood stream.

Ferinject is a liquid that contains iron in the form of minute particles wrapped in a sugar outer coating. When Ferinject enters your blood stream, it is taken up by white blood cells where the sugar outer coating is removed and the iron released.

The iron released from Ferinject is transported to the bone marrow, where it is then used to make new red blood cells, or to the liver to be stored.


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This website is intended for healthcare professionals who treat iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia in adults or patients who have been prescribed this medication.

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